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On the east of Corsica
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between sea and mountain
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hides a 250-year-old estate
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A magical place to relax
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where a family passionate about olive oil works
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and wine
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Domaine Marquiliani

Domaine de Marquiliani

Charming cottage and wine tourism at the estate

A land

Located between the sea and the mountains, on the Aghione plateau, facing the Inzecca pass, the Marquiliani estate benefits from a privileged and exceptional environment. It is this ideal situation which, without a doubt, contributes to the great character of our terroir.

Our estate overlooks the green banks of the Tagnone, rich in alluvium and sediment. Below the majestic Monte Renosu, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, on quaternary terraces of stony soils, it enjoys a microclimate and natural coolness. You will feel good there, summer and winter alike!

A family

Domaine Marquiliani is a place marked by a 250-year-old history, but it is also a lively place, driven by a family passion for almost 4 generations.

André, Daniel, Anne and soon Pauline, breathe into this place a dynamic and a discreet but deeply and sincerely warm conviviality; their unalterable will and their rigorous know-how allow them to move towards ever greater finesse and excellence. They can't wait to welcome you!

Wine tourism in Corsica, a journey between charming lodges and tasting

Domaine Marquiliani, which extends over 29 hectares of cultivated land and 120 hectares of natural meadows and wild nature, is the ideal setting to offer you stays between serenity and well-being, indulgence and conviviality. You will have plenty of time to roam freely in a wild and preserved nature, to take the time to taste wines and olive oils, to come with us for a walk to discover the estate or simply to relax by the pool. We will also encourage you to get away from it all to discover the gastronomic, historical and natural richness of our territory. And of course we'll share some secrets with you!

A charming residence

The "Suarella" farmhouse, an old stone building from the 18th century, has recently been renovated to welcome all those in search of escape, off the beaten track, in a discreet and cozy place. In order to respect the authenticity of this characterful building, we opted for an ecological renovation (hemp, lime, wood wool, etc.) and decided to engage in an eco-labelling process. We have also thought about everything that could make you happy and bring you absolute relaxation and a total change of scenery during your stay. Trust us and let go!